Packs for Hunger

Making a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others!

Hello and Welcome to the Donation Page, If your wondering what all you can donate you can search the items here and find out exactly what you can donate to Packs For Hunger.

Everything donated will be used, though for the Packs for Hunger program every food items must be Individually, pre-sealed, non-perishable. All other food items will be given to other projects we do.
All brands and types of soup is accepted, though it must be of the normal size can.

Tuna and Chicken is accepted, as long as its in individual cans.

Applesauce and fruit cups are also accepted.

All flavors plus cups are accepted!
all types of juice boxes are accepted.

All easy mac & cheese is accepted regardless if its box or bowled.

Vienna Sausages all brands are accepted.

All granola bars are accepted as long as they are Healthy!
Fruit roll-ups and Fruit snacks are all accepted.
Cheese and Peanut dip and crackers are all accepted!

all popcorn packages are accepted.

Peanut butter and Cheese crackers are always needed!
beanie weenies of all brands are accepted!
Pop tarts of all flavors are accepted!
Raisins are always accepted.
Mini boxes and Bowls of Cereal are accepted.
instant oatmeal all flavors and brands are accepted.
instant kool aid packets all flavors are accepted.
pretzels are always welcomed along with small containers of peanut butter!
both normal and Mini size water bottles are accepted.
Money and Backpacks are also accepted!

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