Packs for Hunger

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Are you looking for activities to do with your kids?

Well look no further because we got a selection for you to try at home with your kids!

Memory Stone

Rainbow Dish

Pour some full cream milk in a shallow dish. Add a few drops of food colouring around the dish. Soak a cotton tip in dish liquid. Dip the cotton tip with dish liquid in the middle of the dish and watch the magic

Custom T-shirt

Chore Chart

Family Finger print Ornament 

Melted Crayon Rocks

spread the clean rocks out on a foil-lined cookie sheet and put them in a 350 degree Fahrenheit oven to heat up.

Once the rocks were hot, transfer them one or two at a time to a protected surface to work, leaving the rest in the oven. The table was protected with a placemat, a washcloth, and a piece of foil. Possibly overkill. The foil is pretty necessary to catch the melting crayon and a washcloth or towel is wise to keep the hot rock from damaging the table surface.

Lava Lamps

Lava lamps
What you'll need

Clear plastic bottle, cleaned and label removed (our is a 500-milliliter bottle)
Vegetable oil
Food coloring
Pie pan
Effervescent antacid tablets such as Alka-Seltzer
How to make it
Fill the bottle just over halfway with the oil, then add water, to an inch from the top. Add 10 drops of food coloring.

Place the bottle on the pie pan to catch potential spills.
Cut or break an antacid tablet in quarters and drop one quarter into the bottle.
When the bubbling slows, add another quarter-tablet to get it started again. (Adding too many tablets at once will cloud the oil with bubbles.)

To store the lamp, let the bottle sit until all the bubbles have completely dispersed.

This prevents the buildup of gas in the bottle.

Cap it and put it in a safe place to prevent spills.

Home Made Chalk

Home Made Cookie Box

Fun Science project


Glow Stick jars

Glow Jar

Take a clean empty Jar, remove the label, and a glow stick.

crack the glow stick, once activated break it open and pour it into the jar, put the lid on it and let it be your night light in the dark!

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