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Sharon Snell.
Sharon Snell.

About Zeta Nu.

Zeta Nu is an non-profit philanthropic service organization.  Composed of a group of men, woman, and Children whose goal is to help give back to the communities of Carlsbad and Loving.

Projects sponsors by Zeta Nu are:

  • Packs for Hunger
  • Grace House
  • Special needs at Carlsbad High School (C.H.S.)
  • Toiletries for the Homeless


  • NM Pediatrics & Oncology Hospital in Albuquerque


  • St. Judes
  • Easter Seal
  • Hopes for Heroes
  • ESA Foundation Scholarships
Zeta Nu Chapter #5520 was started in May of 2008.

Our mission is to make a difference in our community, state, and country.

Our goals is to further education through higher learning and of children going hungry, to help those less fortunate through sickness and economical developments.

The Packs for Hunger program started November 2011, we made our first delivery March 2012 to 2 Carlsbad Elementary schools.

Packs for Hunger Program

Epsilon Sigma Alpha (E.S.A.) Packs for Hunger, is a local weekend food project in the Carlsbad NM area.


It has been brought to our attention that large amounts of students go hungry every weekend. Zeta Nu, has decided that they would like to "MAKE A DIFFERENCES" in these children's lives. Each backpack is filled with individual non-perishable, pre-sealed food that ultimately will provide enough food to last the weekend for the child in need. Example; Backpacks (new or gentle used) consist of an assortment of Applesauce, Peanut Butter/Cheese Crackers, Ramen Noodles, Mac & Cheese, Vienna Sausage, Potted Meat, Chili, Beanie Weenies, Oatmeal, Granola... etc. Just to name a few of the items. An estimated cost for FOOD ONLY is $12.00 per pack and then there is the cost of the backpack.


With the assistance of each school Principal and staff, all candidates are screen to determine the ones with the most need. Every Friday morning Zeta Nu delivers the filled backpacks; the principal and/or staff then distributes the packs. In order for the student in need to maintain eligibility in the program each student must return the empty backpack undamaged to the school by the following Monday.


This program has been able to operate through the generosity of our community members, local businesses, News Paper, Radio Station and food drop off locations.


For more information about Epsilon Sigma Alpha/Packs for Hunger and how you can "MAKE A DIFFERENCE", call Carol Worley Chair 575-361-2834 or E.S.A. Headquarters 1-970-223-2824 or visit the website


Zeta Nu is looking for NEW MEMBERS! To join Epsilon Sigma Alpha if you would like to "MAKE A DIFFERENCE" and you will have YOUR life greatly enriched, come join us.

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